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by Verotechno on Stevia

Sweet and natural. Wasn't overwhelming for me. Excellent for all baking needs.

by Jessica on Stevia

I really love this stuff it is by far the best out there. I enjoy every bit of it. It doesn't have a nasty after taste because there is no added crap in it. I am amazed and you will be too if you give it a try.

by Lisa Caldwell on Stevia
I'm thrilled!

When I got my free sample, I laughed when I saw the tiny serving spoon. I thought it would be impossible for one serving to sweeten a bowl of oatmeal. I was wrong! One scoop is actually too much for a cup of tea. My favorite part is that it quickly dissolves in hot food or drinks, that's my biggest problem with the Stevia products I get from the store. I just ordered for my first time, I know it won't be my last. I'd say I would order often but one purchase will last me for a long time. Very good product!

by Teresa on Stevia
Absolutely Love Terra Sweet ! No Aftertaste !!!

I've been on Keto since Jan. 2018. I have been struggling to find a sugar sub. Everything I've tried has an aftertaste. I order the sample because I was cautious of false claims. But Terra Sweet is AWESOME! NO AFTERTASTE! HOORAY!

by Josephine Watson on Stevia
Terra Sweet

This stuff is amazing, can hardly wait till it gets in stores

by Mathew on Stevia
Superior to all other brands

I have tried several brands of stevia and not only is this the only one without an aftertaste, it's also the one that comes closest to tasting like actual sugar. I'm not diabetic I just wanted to cut down on my daily sugar intake. I thought I had already found the best stevia brand but after trying the free sample, I realized I was wrong. I used the entire ampule to make a single batch of kool-aid. I could not tell the difference between this and kool-aid made with sugar. I will definitely be buying this now.

by Melissa lewis on Stevia

Im hooked! No nasty aftertaste!

by Mary on Stevia
Terra Sweet

I received Terra Sweet as a free sample from PinchMe. I loved sweet tea and it sweeten my tea with just one scoop.
I recommend this product for all to try in their coffee or tea.

by Linda on Stevia

This is very sweet which is why you need to use so little of it. No after taste. Great product!

by Jean Perez on Stevia
excellent taste

THIS product tastes was amazing and i don't use sugar and I only had to use the tiny spoon once in my coffee to try, so i put it to a real test put it in my roommate coffee and didn't tell her the only difference was i used two tiny spoons full that came with the sugar and she had no idea understand something she sugar crazy and she didn't know i switched

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